The Inflection Point


The Inflection Point

Targeting the Work-Optional Lifestyle
Workshop Overview

During their first few years of practice, most young physicians will set saving and spending patterns that will endure for decades. These patterns can define the financial trajectory of their lives—as a blessing or a curse.

This workshop is designed to sow the seeds of thought needed to make the best financial possibilities a reality for new physicians. It represents a rare opportunity for medical students to get an unbiased, no-strings-attached lesson in their financial best interest.

Workshop participants will be led through exercises that illuminate the most powerful drivers of financial outcomes—savings rate, lifestyle spending, tax efficiency, and the time value of money. We strongly recommend this as a first TriageMD workshop.

Our goal is to instill a sense of urgency and intentionality in young physicians so that they can achieve a work-optional lifestyle with all its accompanying benefits.

This workshop runs about 40 minutes, with an unlimited Q&A session to follow.

We host our workshops in teaching hospitals and in our Radnor, PA office throughout the autumn and spring.


Who will benefit from attending the Inflection Point Workshop?

You will benefit from this workshop if you:

  • are nearing the end of your residency or if you are a fellow
  • have questions about what your savings rate should be
  • are interested in achieving your best financial trajectory
  • want to approach your financial life with intention

Why is the workshop geared towards PGY4s and above?

Their proximity to their career launch makes this workshop more valuable to PGY4s and above. Any medical student will benefit from the concepts and exercises presented, but they will resonate best with senior medical students who are motivated to get a fast start with their finances in their near future.

What options do I have for scheduling a workshop?

Many of our workshops are scheduled through program directors at local teaching hospitals, but we also welcome smaller groups at our Radnor office. If you have an idea for a different setting, please contact Catherine Kiser (

Who will present the workshop?

The Inflection Point Workshop is presented by Tom Rylko, CFP®.

What if I'm unable to attend a workshop?

If you are unable to attend our workshop at a hospital or at our office, please take advantage of a free consultation with TGS Financial Advisors. Simply note your interest in the workshop in the message field of the “Contact Us” form—we’re happy to discuss workshop content one-on-one.

Why are you offering a free workshop?

Due to their education debt, emerging and new physicians often have a negative net worth. Because of this, they are not considered ideal customers by many financial planning firms. As a result, even though they face more important financial decisions in a condensed period of time than other professionals do, they tend to be under served.

We offer our workshops free of charge because we feel strongly that the financial messages we share can make a significant difference in the quality of life for physicians and their families.

Do we also hope that you like our message well enough that you will become a client? Of course. But there are absolutely no strings attached.