What We Do

Educate Residents & Fellows


The Inflection Point

Targeting the Work-Optional Lifestyle

This workshop is designed to prepare emerging physicians for the many financial decisions they will make in the early years of their careers by way of an intentional mindset.


Understanding the MATRIX

Getting to Zero Student Loans & Beyond

Many medical students are hyper-focused on their significant student loan debt. The goal of this workshop is to address basic loan mechanics, but more importantly, to illustrate where debt fits into the context of an overall financial plan.


Give Early Career Physicians an Advantage

3-Year Jumpstart Program: Your MATRIX Build

The MATRIX Build is designed to optimize the strength of a physician's higher earning power through efficient financial sequencing at the earliest possible interval. MATRIX stands for maximize your after-tax risk-adjusted return, where the "x factor" is the return.


Restore Confidence for Peak Career Physicians

Financial Recovery Program: Changing Outcomes

Peak-career physicians who find themselves short on retirement savings are not without hope. This program employs traditional financial planning best practices to realign the mature physician's assets with his/her goals.