3-Year Jumpstart

3-Year Jumpstart Program: Your MATRIX Build

Program Overview

The MATRIX Program is for the motivated early-career physician who is interested in expediting the implementation of best financial planning practices. The goal of MATRIX is to get you ready for the next phase of your financial life.

You will work with a dedicated advisor who will help you optimally sequence the decisions in pretty much any area of your financial life, set up the structures needed to make them happen, and coordinate your plan with your other financial professionals.

MATRIX is designed to meet the financial challenges of the typical new physician with the strengths and opportunities of the new physician.

How will you achieve your financial success?


Three Years. MATRIX is structured to address a specific period in your financial life. The challenges of early-career physicians are different from those at peak-career, who bought their homes and began their practices years earlier. Your planning tasks will tend to be broad and shallow, rather than narrow and deep.  The issues you need to focus on will have more to do with optimizing saving and debt-paydown than investing. MATRIX is a three-year program designed to set you up really well for the next stage of your financial life.

Financial Triage. The proper sequencing of your financial decisions is the core of the MATRIX Program. We begin with making sure you have basic protections in place, from all types of insurance, to estate planning documents, to emergency funding. We’ll then help you get clarity on your cash flow and determine where the best returns on your money will come from.

Goal-Setting. We’ll help you understand what you need to do, at a granular level, to reach any number of financial goals. We’ll illustrate “what-if” scenarios as needed.

Implementation. We work with you to set up the accounts and structures you’ll need to work your plan. We’ll coordinate and attend meetings with your other financial professionals if desired.

Annual Reporting. MATRIX is a data-driven program. “Running the numbers” is what we do. Each year we’ll provide you with a detailed report on the progress you’ve made.

Lifestyle Coaching. We’ll tell you how your major purchase decisions might impact your goals. We’ll do this with the experience of having witnessed hundreds of financial lifetimes.

Investment Advice. Although not a priority for the typical MATRIX client, we do provide investment advice whenever necessary.

Flat-Fee. The only compensation we receive from our MATRIX clients is the annual program fee.  We receive no commissions on investments or insurance, nor do we share directly or indirectly in such commissions. We charge no separate fees for financial planning or for assets under management.