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Who is really rich? It is probably not who you think.

How does your student loan debt fit into the context of your overall financial plan?


Pay Yourself First

What if there was a clear, honest, and sensible guide to help new physicians make wise financial choices? Jim Hemphill, CFP®, and David Burd, CFP®, Managing Directors of TGS, wrote Pay Yourself First to change financial trajectories of young doctors.

Changing Outcomes

Physicians are more likely than any other group to under-accumulate for retirement. This book outlines seven strategies that peak-career physicians can use to turn around their financial lives within five years. 


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An Illusion of Affluence
August 12th, 2020

In 2019, a typical new physician started practice with $200,000 in education debt. That new doctor’s higher income is partly an illusion, because it ignores the practical necessity of paying off medical school debts (the interest of which is not tax-deductible) with earned income taxed at a...