May 2015

May 19th, 2015

It was a pleasure to spend some time with a friendly group of residents at Lankenau today.

A storm of decisions--professional, personal, financial--that is what new physicians face. We hope we have convinced them that the cost of waiting to establish the right savings strategy is too high.

Saving and spending habits tend to be hard to change once a lifestyle is established. We hope we've inspired them to be intentional about the financial choices they make, especially in the first three years of their careers.


May 5th, 2015

What our workshop is really about is what is happening in the minds of the attendees.

It isn't about the words spoken during the presentation. Or the slides shown. 

It's all about the desired outcome. And for The Inflection Point Workshop, that is to give early-career physicians the motivation to make key financial decisions early and with intention. To give them concrete facts about their new salaries and the cost of waiting even a couple of years before saving for their biggest goalsTo cause them to envision a financial future with more of what is perhaps the greatest luxury of all: choice.

We are so pleased to have met so many residents at Bryn Mawr today.